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Hoping to share a little “happiness” at the table with as many people all over the world
as possible. With this in mind, we are engaged in “craftsmanship. We ZOHO-GAMA is a Japanese pottery specializing in hand-painting, which craftsmanship is identified as intangible cultural heritage
We are particularly well-known as an AKAE(Red Painting) techniques.
Our “Red” is called “Sennichi-zuri Red. It means we grind the pigments in our own mortar for 1,000 days until ultra fine particles are obtained.
In order to enrich the dining table, we enhance our skills and sensibility as a traditional pottery,. Not only AKAE, but also Sometsuke, and Oribe are making the dining table a gorgeous and enjoyable atmosphere. Many people say that ZOHO-GAMA ‘s tableware has got a “Beauty derived from Functionality” It makes the food served look even more beautiful and gorgeous
Custom-made products are also available in small quantities

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